Fishing FR

Fishing and bait are in the boathouse. Some things are not generally available (strong pilk rod, fly rod, etc.). They are marked. You are welcome to use all other things. Use at your own risk.

In general: Anything that is lost or defective/broken is simply replaced – no one is angry! I’ll get something equivalent – send the receipt and get the money back…

There are plenty of fishing videos on the internet. Recommended are:

“The Predator” on YouTube for general information and fishing from the bank.

“Network Fishing” on YouTube for information and tips/tricks for fishing from a boat.

Nautical charts/depth lines:!?project=norgeskart&layers=1004&zoom=11&lat=6596159.59&lon=-10620.46

Best time: Twilight when water is rising (i.e. two hours before and after high tide = electricity runs on – this means: water level is already decreasing after high tide, but water is still running = crying into the fjord!).

Tidal course:

Warning: I would NOT take the boat out at dusk!

And here are a few spots:

Shore fishing: From the pier of the small marina at the campsite on the other side of the island. It goes down very quickly there. You can also fish there at dusk! Parking space is available.

Shore fishing: At the supermarket dock.

Shore fishing: From the shore on the small island – see local activities.

Boat fishing: In front of the small island. See activities on site.

Boat fishing: Out of the bay immediately to the right, there is a house in a bay, then a straight coastline with a strong edge

Boat fishing: Unterwasserberg between Knarravagen and Boroy

Boat fishing: Underwater mountain “Ryggen” northeast of Ombo